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Custodian Job Description Template

Custodian Job Description. Custodians are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. To attract the best custodians that match your required needs you must write a precise and clear custodian job description. A well-written custodian job description template will help you attract the best and most experienced custodians to your company.

With a good custodian job description template, it becomes easier for you to simply post on online job boards and online career pages. A well-written custodian job description template can also be slightly modified to fit a janitor job description or even a school custodian job description.

Custodian Job Description

Are you interested in finding an easy-to-customize custodian job description template for your company? Search no more, this article will show you an optimized custodian job description template with all the required duties and responsibilities, qualifications and requirements, and basic skill set needed from the applicant in order to attract only the best for the position.

Who Is A Custodian?

A custodian is also known as a caretaker. A custodian is someone who is in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of a building and the surrounding grounds while also ensuring that all the facilities are functioning properly. The duties of a custodian are highlighted to include vacuuming floors, sanitizing restroom facilities, and collecting trash to ensure the building’s occupants have a clean space.

A custodian needs to be careful and thorough in working, cleaning, and tidying the premises, as well as preventing vandalism.

Custodians generally work to create a clean, orderly, and safe environment by performing a wide variety of cleaning and maintenance activities on the building.

They specialize in keeping buildings clean, ranging from banks to schools and offices. While most custodian duties have to do with the interior part of the building, they also have duties that take place outside like sweeping walkways and mowing of lawns.

Most Custodians are required to at least have a high school diploma or general education degree (GED). Highly experienced custodians are comfortable working independently; they have basic repair and maintenance skills and are service-oriented.

Custodian Job Description

Custodian Job brief/Intro

When creating your custodian job description template, the first step is the job brief where you give a brief summary of the company, what you’re searching for in a custodian, and why the applicant would love working with you.

An example of a good custodian job description brief is:

“We (Jepa) are currently searching for a responsible custodian to maintain and protect our facilities. The ideal candidate will be experienced in a custodian role focused on building upkeep. You must have a high degree of physical endurance to help in covering duties over a large space. A keen eye for detail and diligence are also imperative in this custodial maintenance job. Our Model candidate should be careful and thorough in cleaning and tidying the premises with great care. We expect the custodian to be someone who takes great pride in their line of work and has some experience in it”.

This custodian job description will give the candidate an insight into who their employer is and a ground knowledge of what is expected of them as custodians.

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Duties and responsibilities

In this section of your custodian job description, you’re meant to highlight and cover every duty and responsibility that is required of the custodian. The main roles and duties which every custodian is meant to perform include:

  • Ensure spaces are prepared for the next day by taking out the trash, tidying furniture, and dusting surfaces.
  • Sweeping and mopping of floors.
  • Vacuuming of carpets.
  • Sanitization and washing of toilets, showers, and sinks as well as making sure all disposables like tissue paper are always available.
  • Cleaning of the mirrors and windows.
  • Maintenance of outer premises by watering plants, mowing lawn and cutting of grasses, cleaning entrances.
  • Use of insecticides and herbicides to curb the infestation and growth of pests and unwanted plants respectively.
  • Conducting maintenance and minor repairs in the property which may include replacing broken switches and changing burnt light bulbs, fixing door handles, and repair of any minor leaks.
  • Reporting of major damages and overseeing all repairs.
  • Ensuring steady security in the property after operating hours by locking doors, closing windows, and setting up the alarm.
  • Undertake occasional custodial and janitorial tasks which may include shoveling snow from the sidewalk, lifting heavy items, and moving chairs.
  • Cleaning of vents and changing air filters.
  • Floor waxing.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive inventory.
  • Ensuring that all surfaces are properly dusted.
  • Placing orders for new cleaning supplies.
  • Steady compliance with all safety and health rules and regulations.

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Qualifications and requirements

This section on your Custodian job description template should contain all the qualifications and requirements you expect the candidate to have.

Your custodian job description template should contain qualifications and requirements like:

  • High school diploma or General education degree (not compulsory).
  • Years of experience performing custodian duties or any related duty.
  • High experience and capability to use cleaning equipment and appliances.
  • Core attention to detail and conscientiousness.
  • Strong physical stamina and strength.
  • Ability to perform multiple duties coherently (multitasking).
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Comfortable with basic landscaping and most maintenance tasks.
  • Ability to have a flexible schedule.
  • Having a good knowledge of safety protocols including what to do in case of a fire and disposal of chemicals and any harmful items.

What Are The Skills And Abilities Required Of A Custodian?

Here’s a list of skills and abilities required of a custodian:

1. Detail-oriented and conscientious

A good custodian should be very active in details and be keen on performing his duties properly and correctly. Being detail-oriented as a custodian means that you should be able to notice when there are slight changes or problems in the property you’re handling or you’re in charge of.

A detail-oriented custodian will be able to find out slight issues that develop in the property that might need immediate attention like immediate replacement of disposables, changing of a faulty electric bulb or switch, and the repair of a leaking or faulty faucet. Lack of attention to detail in a custodian might lead to various issues and problems arising as you are not quick to notice the small details and changes that would have helped you in preventing an even bigger issue.

2. Physical stamina

Stamina!!. This can’t be emphasized enough. To be a custodian you must have good physical stamina in order to be able to perform your wide range of duties. The duties and responsibilities of custodians can go as far as involving lifting some quite heavy materials. A custodian should be able to manipulate and lift heavy objects, and equipment.

You should be in good shape to be able to operate hard equipment and go through some menial tasks like climbing ladders and even being able to work from high heights. Lacking the necessary stamina as a custodian will lead to you getting easily fatigued even when you’re on the job and this will lead to ineffectiveness of doing your jobs as you might be stuck on a particular task till daybreak.

3. Ability to follow instructions and rules

A custodian should be able to listen attentively and follow set instructions towards achieving his duties and tasks. Understanding verbal instructions, understanding and following safety procedures, are most of the key features in a custodian that an employee must take note of especially when creating a custodian job description.

Everybody wants a custodian that will be able to follow given instructions towards achieving the given tasks. Not following instructions and rules will create issues between you and your employee hence as a custodian or someone looking to hire a custodian you should acquire or make sure that this attribute is not lacking.

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4. Ability to handle complex tools and equipments

A custodian must be able to make use of complex tools and equipment. With the advance of technology, most home equipment has evolved and become a tad more comprehensive. A custodian should be able to adequately make use of this equipments and power tools to achieve the required results.

A good custodian should have knowledge on how to care, store, and operate these tools. The main tools which a custodian might be predisposed to depending on which property is being handled will include vacuum cleaners, mowing machines, electric testers, and many others.

FAQs On Custodian Job Description

Can I become a custodian without attending college?

Yes, you can become a custodian with just your high school diploma or General education degree(GED).

What must be contained in a custodian job description template?

Your custodian job description template must contain the duties and responsibilities and qualifications or requirements needed of the applicant.

What makes a good custodian?

A good custodian has strong knowledge of tasks to perform and how-to about it without any necessary supervision.

Who does a Custodian work with?

Typically, Custodians work by themselves, but they may work with other maintenance workers when needed. Custodians work under the supervision of a Maintenance Manager.


Crafting a good custodian job description template is key to attracting only the best to your job ads. The article has highlighted everything you need to know about creating a custodian job description template, the duties and responsibilities candidates will likely have to cover as well as the required qualifications and requirements.

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