Why MTN Does Not Allow Subscribers To Convert Airtime Into MOMO

Why MTN Does Not Allow Subscribers To Convert Airtime Into MOMO. So, the big question most people ask is that; if Mobile Money belongs to MTN and the airtime also belongs to MTN, why can’t they allow customers to convert their airtime into MOMO. Especially when people can change MOMO into airtime.

Frankly, this is a difficult question that nobody has attempted to answer yet. But, for us here at your favourite African Tech Blog, we attempt to provide a clear explanation to this question in this article.

Please stick around to read it all.

Why MTN Does Not Allow Subscribers To Convert Airtime Into MOMO

In this Article:

Why MTN Does Not Allow Subscribers To Convert Airtime Into MOMO

Fraudsters Could Take Advantage Of The Situation

Imagine that MTN actually makes it possible for anyone to convert their airtime into Mobile Money. One day, you mistakenly send airtime to the wrong number while sending it to a friend or your other line.

You call this strange number and the person fails to reverse the airtime. You call MTN and they tell you that the person has already converted the airtime into money and they’ve withdrawn it already.

How sad would that be for you?

Also, criminals can steal airtime from other people’s phones and convert them into Mobile Money on their personal accounts. They may also end up robbing scratch card sellers and converting the cards into Mobile Money.

This will create so much chaos in the system.

MTN Has Nothing To Gain But So Much To Lose

Let’s be real here. It is absolutely unrealistic for MTN to consider giving its customers the chance to exchange their airtime for Mobile Money.

If this is allowed, there’s the tendency that many people will exchange their airtimes for Mobile Money. Now, the logic is that; once you buy airtime, you have to use it and finish it. So, MTN is assured of huge gains anytime you buy airtime.

But once there’s the chance that you can withdraw that airtime through Mobile MOney, it’s likely that when you buy airtime worth 10 cedis and you later need money, you can withdraw 9 Cedis out of that 10 cedis airtime. So, MTN loses 9 Cedis profit through this transaction alone.

Ideally, no business would want to put itself in a situation where they’ll keep making losses. And MTN will absolutely not put itself in such situations.

The Alternative Way To Change Airtime Into Cash

All hope isn’t lost yet. Even though MTN doesn’t allow you to directly convert your airtime into Mobile Money, you can still convert that money into cash or Mobile Money.

So, it’s simple. You just have to find someone who needs airtime at the time and transfer the airtime to them using the MTN Me2U service.

So, the person either pays you with cash or they can pay into your Mobile Money wallet upon receiving the airtime.


The thought of being able to exchange your MTN airtime for Mobile Money is something that has ever crossed our minds at one point or the other. This is especially true when you’re in dire need of money and you realized that you have some airtime on your phone.

Sad as it is, this wish can never be granted. It can only remain a dream, considering that MTN will never find it possible to enact that feature.

In this article, we spoke about why it’s not possible for you to change airtime into Mobile Money.

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