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Surgeon Salary – Highest Paid Surgeons

Surgeon Salary – Highest Paid Surgeons. In the medical profession, those who specialize in performing surgery are known as surgeons. There are so many sub-fields in surgery as well as it has expanded so much. There are general surgeons that specialize in performing surgery on the torso.

Surgeon Salary – Highest Paid Surgeons

Then there are surgeons who specialize in performing surgery on bones, breasts and the brain, and now a variety of new techniques and technologies have also been developed to help surgeons perform a better job. Surgeons, as they are specialists and work in operation rooms are employed primarily in hospitals and surgical outpatient centers. The average annual salary of a surgeon range is $118,810 to $287,902.

Average Salary of a Surgeon

Starting level

In the United States, according to PayScale a surgeon with one to four years experience earns from $118,810 to $242,635 annually.


Surgeons with five to nine years experience earn $149,640 to $282,521 per year, as of 2009.


Surgeons who have ten to nineteen years experience draw an average annual salary from $148,184 to $287,902.


In cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia surgeons are paid a higher salary. says that in 2009 in Baltimore the annual salary range was $157,243 to $319,492. In Philadelphia the range was from $162,135 to $305,209.

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