Snail prices in Ghana – 2022

Snail prices in Ghana. Do you need information about the accurate prices of snails in Ghana? Then you are at the right place.

Snails are gastropods with coiled shell that is adequately large for the animal to abjure completely into.

There are several species of snails; which includes land snails, sea snails and fresh water snails. Snails can be found almost everywhere in the world.

Snail prices in Ghana

Snails serves as a source of income to some citizens in Ghana (snail farmers), it is also a food item (protein).

Again snails are vectors of disease and also pests. The shell of snails are used as decorative objects and also used in jewelry.

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Characteristics of Snails

  • Snails feed at night
  • Snails feed on decaying organic matter
  • Snails feed on animal feces, fungi, worms, lichens, insects, green foliage, carrion, some slugs, centipedes.
  • Some snails feed on other snails.
  • Snails are easy to raise and manage
  • Snails can live up to 10 years in their natural habitat
  • It takes about two years for a young snail to be ready for the market
  • The shell of a snail is composed of calcium carbonate, which protects the soft body of the snail and its internal organs
  • Snails move forward by undulating a muscular foot beneath its body
  • Snails produce thick mucus to help reduce friction between their foot and the ground.
  • Some snails feed on plant material and debris while other feed on plant material entirely.

Snails for Sale in Ghana

Some parts of the U.S. and European countries do enjoy the nutriment of snails but snail has been long a basic diet for the people of Ghana. Kids love it, the old love it.

Snails are used in soups and also for kebabs. It is a big part of a Ghanaian’s diet but the challenge is they are not always available and comes in a particular season.

Snail farming is a very profitable business in Ghana. Aside Ghanaians consuming, more quantity are also exported outside and so the demand for snails is very high.

Sometimes, because of the scarcity of snails, it prices increase and individuals are not able to purchase it. Therefore, hotels and restaurants and fast food operators becomes the regular customers.

Snail farming is highly underestimated, but the opportunity for snail farming in Ghana is high and people, especially the youth are advised to take advantage of that.

In the course of reading you will find benefits of snail farming and I hope it encourages you especially if you are thinking of venturing into snail farming.

As stated in the introductory part, there are types and various species of snails. In this article, its all about land or terrestrial snails, and the focus is on the once that are in Ghana which are good for commercial production.

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Snail prices in Ghana

Prices of Snails in Ghana

In Ghana, about four pieces of giant snails cost about GH¢6 and five pieces cost about GH¢ 10.

Well the prices have increased because some times back these quantities could cost GH¢2 and GH¢3 respectively.

Containerful of snails can cost from GH¢150 to GH¢200.

Benefits of Snail Farming

If the price of snail farming overwhelms you, you can start a backyard snail farm in no time.

1. The time for young snails to mature and be ready for the market is not a short time.

2. They are not difficult to raise and manage

3. It is stress-free to operate.

4. Snails bring huge profit.

5. Snail farming is a low risk business.

6. Snail farming is a good export opportunity.

7. Sales are good because of its high demand

8. Snail farming is eco-friendly

9. It is very prolific and cost-efficient.

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