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Advantages of Promoted Ads

  • Promoted ads get up to 10 times more views.
  • Featured and top ads appear on top of all ads (homepage, all listings, search, categories and vantage spot), which gives your ads maximum exposure.
  • Bump it up on the top of the list many times as you want.
  • Use keywords as tags to gain advantage on search.
  • Selected promoted ads are share via social media (facebook, instagram, twitter and Linkedin).
    Add links to your ads for Google SEO visibilty
  • Embed videos in yours ads.
  • Reach 20, 000 visitors daily.
  • Target local customers directly.

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Key Tips

Price your products correctly

  • Know the market and find out how much customers are willing to pay.
  • You can then decide whether to match or beat them.
  • The lower the price the more chance to sell fast.

Use great pictures

  • Use real pictures of the item by taking good shot.
  • Add photos taken from deferent angles.
  • Items with real and more photos get 10 times more views.

Provide clear details in your ad

  • More details = more views!
  • Include keywords and information that buyers will be interested in.
  • Be honest in your description.

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