Promote Your Ad

Promote your ad on homepage and on top off all ads. Our promotions are designed to get more people to see your ad. So by promoting your ad, you save time and effort – and still get more replies to your ad.

  • Promoted ads get up to 10 times more views.
  • Featured ads on homepage, top ads appear on top of all ads,  listings, categories, vantage spot, which gives your ads maximum exposure.
  • Bump it up on the top of the list many times as you want.
  • Use keywords as tags to gain advantage on search.
  • More views = more interested buyers.
  • With lots of interested buyers, you have a better chance of selling fast for the price that you want.
  • Share your ad with friends via social media like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter, telegram etc.

Create a dedicated shop

Get a page dedicated entirely to your business, including beautiful photos, your business details, contacts, social media links and all of your ads in one place.

Price your products correctly

  • Know the market and find out how much customers are willing to pay.
  • You can then decide whether to match or beat them.
  • The lower the price the more chance to sell fast.

Use great pictures

  • Use real pictures of the item by taking good shot
  • Add photos taken from deferent angles.
  • Items with real and more photos get 10 times more views.

Provide clear details in your ad

  • More details = more views!
  • Include keywords and information that buyers will be interested in.
  • Be honest in your description.