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Porter Job Description Template

Porter Job Description. Porters work in the transportation industry, such as airlines and hotels, transporting passengers’ and guests’ luggage. Bellmen, bellhops, and ground support agents are other names for them.

The primary responsibility is to manually or with carts transport luggage to and from rooms and waiting areas. Hotel porters show guests their rooms, give them instructions, and explain features like ventilation and locks. Some porters are also in charge of greeting visitors as they arrive for their check-in.

Porter Job Description Template

In this post, we’ll be giving you a breakdown of a Porter job description template for 2022. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the job description.

Understanding What Porters Do

Porters assist guests in checking in and out of their rooms on cruise ships, hotels, and motels. They collaborate closely with other team members to guarantee that their clients experience excellent service during their stay. Their responsibilities include:

  • Greeting guests upon arrival, opening and closing doors for them.
  • Loading luggage onto baggage trolleys.
  • Assisting with storage before the guest’s mandatory check-in time.
  • Performing minor repairs such as changing light bulbs and cleaning the building’s common spaces, including the entryway.

They may also be in charge of parking or retrieving their guests’ vehicles as a Valet.

Because they are primarily focused on servicing guests, a porter acts as an organization’s first point of contact. To put it another way, a porter is a professional in charge of doing basic cleaning and maintenance responsibilities for the organization where he or she works.

A porter usually works with companies to maintain, such as apartment complexes, country clubs, retirement communities, golf courses, and airports. The porter’s job description may also involve janitorial activities, which will aid in the resolution of some maintenance issues.

Suppose the porter works in a hotel, motel, cruise ship, or with a variety of other organizations requiring such services. In that case, it also involves performing various critical day-to-day tasks, such as providing first-class customer service by showing guests or passengers to their rooms or cabins and answering any questions they might have about facilities.

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What Are The Responsibilities of A Porter

The porter’s responsibilities include:

  • Greeting guests at the front desk.
  • Responding to various maintenance requests from guests.
  • Assisting room service personnel by ensuring that they have an efficient schedule.

It also includes clearing debris, maintaining common room areas, replenishing bathrooms, and reacting to all essential cleaning crises to ensure and maintain a clean and safe environment.

Individuals interested in working as porters must possess talents and traits that ensure job efficiency and effectiveness.

These attributes include high organizational abilities, good multitasking skills, well-developed communication, and interpersonal skills, good physical condition, stamina and strength, and the capacity to work shifts and flexible schedules. Though there is no specific minimum educational requirement for the work, the ideal applicant should have at least a High School diploma or GED.

Porter Job Description Template

Job Overview

We are searching for a Porter to help our guests as the initial point of contact.

Porters carry visitors’ baggage, repair small difficulties (such as changing light bulbs), and clean the entire facility, including the entrances. You must be able to manage a variety of duties daily to provide excellent customer service and guarantee that our operations function effectively. Keep in mind that our Porter role requires you to work in shifts, and you may be required to work weekends or evenings on occasion.

In the end, you’ll make sure our building is secure, clean, and welcoming.

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Responsibilities And Duties

A porter’s primary responsibility is to ensure that facilities are kept clean, attractive, and safe. They also take guests’ luggage, tag it, and store it where it is possible. Among my other responsibilities are:

  • When working in hotels and motels or on cruise ships, assist visitors and travelers by answering queries and running their errands.
  • Carry departing guests’ or travelers’ luggage to the hotel lobby or the cruise ship departure point.
  • Ensure that passengers or visitors staying on the cruise ship or hotel are safe while the ship or hotel is evacuated.
  • Assist front desk employees in answering phones and transferring calls to the right people.
  • Assist the customer service team in setting up and updating any future events and signs.
  • In some instances, visitors’ automobiles are parked and then retrieved as needed.
  • Direct visitors to the appropriate office/room or the reception area.
  • Upon request, arrange for taxi services.
  • Minor technical concerns, such as changing bulbs, should be resolved.
  • Damages should be reported, experts should be contacted, and repairs should be monitored.
  • Keep cleaning products on hand.
  • Observe all applicable health and safety laws.
  • In the event of an emergency, follow the evacuation procedures.
  • Assist other employees by performing errands for them, such as stocking shelves and delivering things as needed.
  • Taking care of and tagging guests’ luggage
  • Vacuuming carpets and sweeping and cleaning floors
  • Maintaining a clutter-free building entryway at all times

Qualifications And Skills

Porter candidates must have a variety of prerequisite abilities and expertise. The following is a list of some of the most essential qualifications for this position:

  • A lifting capacity of at least 40 pounds
  • Good personality traits
  • Mechanical abilities and knowledge to operate on and repair a variety of industrial machines
  • Understanding of how to use different types of guest booking software
  • Familiarity with the most essential security regulations
  • To interact well with other employees, guests, and service providers, you must have excellent verbal communication skills.

How Much Does A Porter Earn?

The average hourly wage for a porter is $12.48. The candidate’s salary may be determined by his or her level of experience, education, and geographic region. Porters receive an average of $25 in tips per day. Their employment usually lasts less than a year.

Education And Training Requirements

A Porter’s job normally does not necessitate any formal schooling. A high school diploma or GED, as well as mechanical classes, can be beneficial. Porters receive their training on the job. Beginners learn how to use and maintain industrial equipment by reporting to a more experienced Porter. They also learn to deal properly with guests and clients in their respective work settings.

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Experience Requirements

A certain level of experience may be required to apply for a job as a Porter. When seeking a career, having some experience as a Porter can give an applicant a leg up on the competition. As a Porter, you should have a good understanding of the local area and/or ports, a hospitality qualification, and experience working in a motel, hotel, or cruise ship.

The following are some experience requirements needed:

  • Worked as a Porter, Janitor, or Custodian in the past
  • Working knowledge of industrial cleaning equipment
  • Physical fitness, endurance, and strength (e.g. to lift heavy equipment and luggage)
  • Security regulations are something you should be familiar with.
  • Interacting with cleaning employees, technicians, and consumers requires excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Mechanical fundamentals
  • Flexible schedules and the capacity to work in shifts (e.g. weekends and evenings)
  • A high school diploma is advantageous.

Job Description For Resume

If you have worked as a porter in the past or currently work as one and are drafting a resume for a new position, the professional experience section should be included.

You can effectively notify the recruiter of the duties and obligations you have successfully carried out as a porter using the professional or job experience area.

This can help you improve your resume and get an interview with a recruiter, especially if the new position you’re going for demands previous work experience as a porter.

Using the sample porter job description provided above, you can create the ideal professional experience for your resume.


If you’re a recruiter or HR manager looking to fill a porter position at your company, you’ll need to explain the duties and obligations of the open position to potential candidates.

This information will assist interested individuals in screening themselves and determining if they possess the necessary skills to efficiently fulfill the expected porter duties and responsibilities.

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Using the job description sample above, you can create the ideal description for the porter role in your company.

We hope this post was as helpful as promised. Please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below.


FAQs On Porter Job Description

Who does a porter answer?

Within their facility, a porter usually reports to the Hotel manager or hospitality manager. They may report to the customer service supervisor or hospitality supervisor in the absence of management to discuss customer complaints or concerns.

What exactly is the distinction between a Porter and a Concierge?

Porters and Concierges both work in hospitality organizations to give top-notch customer service, but they serve their customers in different ways. Porters, for example, can answer queries about the hotel and its amenities, such as eating, the pool, the gym, and the gaming sections. They also assist guests with their luggage and may even call cabs or other forms of transportation on their behalf.

The Concierge, on the other hand, works directly with customers to provide information on local attractions and facilities. They might also assist them in making dinner reservations at a local restaurant or recommending a different driving path to avoid traffic when visiting a nearby destination.

What is the average number of hours a porter works?

Kitchen porters are expected to work at a breakneck speed from the beginning to the end of their shifts. When you consider that this could take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, you’ll be fatigued at the end of the day.

Is it a good idea to work as a service porter?

Excellent work, but lousy management. The job is simple, and you’ll be able to get used to it by the second day. Over time, you learn a lot, and everyone is so pleasant and open. The most enjoyable aspect of the job was assisting people, providing advice, and assisting them in understanding various parts of their automobiles.

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