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Package Handler Job Description Template

Package Handler Job Description. Writing an engaging job description is critical to attracting the best candidates for your position. With over 25 million job listings on Indeed, a strong job description can help your position stand out. Your job descriptions are where you begin to sell your organization and your position to potential employees.

The key to crafting good job descriptions is striking the right mix between offering enough content to ensure candidates understand the role and your firm while remaining concise on Package Handler Job Description.

Package Handler Job Description

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at a template for a package handler’s Job description. We’ll outline the basic requirements and skills needed.

Before we go on to give a template, let us look at what a package handler is. This will enable us to understand their responsibilities better.

Who Is A Package Handler?

A package handler is responsible for loading and unloading packages from delivery vehicles or within a warehouse. This job entails moving, lifting, pushing, pulling, scanning, and placing packages, crates, and other freight commodities in a safe and efficient manner while adhering to business policies and requirements. Supervisory and management positions may be required for progression, and a bachelor’s degree may be required.

Package Handlers are usually hired by delivery services to prepare items for shipping. They usually take care of the entire process of getting a package ready for delivery, including packaging, sorting, sealing, scanning, and loading the boxes. Package Handlers may be responsible for measuring and weighing each parcel to verify they have the correct ones.

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Are There Educational Requirements To Become A Package Handler?

Although no formal education is required to work as a package handler, excellent oral and written communication skills are required, with high school graduation being recommended. The ideal candidate would be self-driven and determined to provide excellent performance while keeping to business standards in order to achieve optimal efficiency. There is a physical requirement to lift and move hefty weights due to the nature of the job.

What Is A Job Description?

A job description should include key corporate information such as the organization’s mission, culture, and any employee benefits. It may also identify who reports to whom and the compensation range for the position.

The key responsibilities, actions, qualifications, and abilities for a role are summarized in a job description. This document, often known as a JD, outlines the type of job done.

A good job description will give candidates enough information to assess if they are qualified for the role. Furthermore, according to an Indeed survey, 52 percent of job searchers feel the quality of a job description has a significant impact on their decision to apply for a position.

Package Handler Job Description Template

Job Overview

We are recruiting candidates who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. Package handlers must have a keen eye for detail and the ability to follow directions in order to guarantee that all things are packed, sealed, and loaded as quickly as possible. To guarantee that all goods are correctly processed and monitored, they must also employ scanners and be able to read labels precisely.

You’ll need good communication and understanding skills to succeed as a Package Handler. Forklifts, conveyor belts, wheel rollers, and other loading tools are examples of hand tools and equipment that candidates should be familiar with. This position may also necessitate basic computer abilities.

Package Handler Responsibilities and Duties

In order for the organization to run properly on a daily basis, a package handler has specific obligations and responsibilities on the job. Package handlers are critical to the company’s daily objectives.

A good Package Handler’s duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Move goods in packages from one location to another by hand. Whether it’s from the truck to the customer, from one truck to the next, or from one side of the business to the other.
  2. Hand-pack products into boxes and keep track of everything you’ve packed and relocated.
  3. To handle objects and keep a record of them, collaborate with material moving machine operators and material recording workers.
  4. To ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods, communicate with coworkers and clients.
  5. Companies want their products to arrive on time and undamaged.
  6. Pushing, tugging, leaning down, and lifting packages are all physically taxing activities.
  7. Responsible for handling packages without dumping them or making any other jerky motions that can harm them.
  8. To prepare cartons, crates, and containers for shipment, manually assembles, lines, and pads them.
  9. Makes sure containers are sealed using glue, nails, and other fasteners.
  10. Examines and inspects containers to ensure that they are ready for delivery to the customer.
  11. Reprocesses packages that have been incorrectly labeled, sealed, or backed.
  12. Box sealing tape, heat sealers, staple guns, and stretch wrap are among the items used to prepare goods for shipping.
  13. Handles fragile products and dangerous materials safely in accordance with company and government guidelines.
  14. Places containers on appropriate conveyor belts and chutes for transportation to the loading dock.
  15. Delivers boxes, cartons, and other packages by loading them onto trucks.
  16. To keep track of inventory, he uses computer applications and spreadsheet software.
  17. To process all packages by the end of the shift works as part of a team.
  18. At the end of each shift, cleans the workspace.

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Salary Expectations for Package Handlers

A package handler can expect to earn $14.49 per hour on average. This figure is based on salary reports submitted to our website in the last 36 months. The average annual overtime pay is $4,312.

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Education and Training Requirements for Package Handlers

Package handlers are not required to have any specific schooling. New hires in most positions receive roughly a month of on-the-job training to learn their responsibilities. A supervisor or more experienced coworker conducts the training, which includes the teaching of safety standards. Some businesses also offer educational or training opportunities.

Experience Required of a package handler

Employers typically train package handlers on their roles and responsibilities, so they get to experience on the job. Although no specific years of experience are required for employment, it is advantageous if the candidate has previously worked as a package handler, shipping clerk, or delivery driver. On-the-job experience in a company performing similar responsibilities aids in having a productive candidate who understands what to expect.

Package Handler Qualifications and Skills

A Package Handler must possess specific physical and mental abilities. Although formal schooling or specific certificates are not required, it is crucial to possess a minimum level of stamina and strength.

A package handler’s main abilities and credentials are as follows:

  • Because package handlers interact with the public on a regular basis, their customer service abilities are crucial because they are the company’s face.
  • Package Handlers must be able to utilize their arms and hands to handle parcels of various weights and sizes in various locations, which necessitates good coordination.
  • Package handlers must pay close attention to their bosses’ instructions.
  • To manage the various weights of parcels for long periods of time, physical strength and stamina are required.
  • Must have exceptional hand-eye coordination.
  • Excellent active listening abilities.
  • Demonstrates the ability to think critically.
  • Demonstrates the ability to keep an eye on gauges and machinery and evaluate their accuracy.
  • Excellent reading comprehension abilities.
  • Exceptional decision-making abilities and the ability to make wise decisions.
  • Exhibit excellent time management and multitasking skills.
  • Demonstrates the capacity to be detail-oriented and mechanically inclined.
  • Possesses the capacity to troubleshoot effectively.
  • He/she must have excellent negotiating abilities as well as the ability to communicate effectively and articulately.
  • Exhibits a thorough understanding of numbers, weights, and measurements.
  • Demonstrates a thorough awareness of safety and security concerns.
  • Must possess the capacity to work on their own with minimal supervision.
  • Knowledge of zip codes in various states.
  • Demonstrates the ability to follow instructions precisely.
  • A package handler must show excellent focus and memorizing abilities.
  • Data entry and other computer skills are necessary.
  • To fulfill the demands of the profession, maintain high physical shape.

FAQs On Package Handler Job Description

What is the best way to write a job description?

Make the job names easy to understand, direct, and specific. An engaging company description sample will pique the interest of potential applicants. Include several examples of responsibilities and duties. Give instances of previous work experience that would be beneficial in this role.

Package Handler Job Description

How do you define a job description?

A job description outlines the requirements, responsibilities, and abilities required to do a particular task. An excellent job description should be easy to comprehend and include all of the required application duties and qualifications.

How much does a ups package handler get paid?

In the United States, the national average income for a UPS Package Handler is $36,660. To discover UPS Package Handler wages in your region, sort by location.

Which job category does a package handler belong to?

Package Handlers are usually hired by delivery services to prepare items for shipping. They usually take care of the entire process of getting a package ready for delivery, including packaging, sorting, sealing, scanning, and loading the boxes.


This template encompasses general responsibilities, skills, and requirements obtained from different firms hiring package handlers. To write your own package handler job description, use the points listed here as applicable to you and your firm.

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