MTN vs Vodafone wireless broadband: 2021 discounts, bundles, prices

MTN vs Vodafone wireless broadband: 2021 discounts, bundles, prices & specs. Ghana’s leading 4G internet brands, MTN and Vodafone, have long been in a battle against each other with their wireless broadband internet solutions. With MTN in the lead with the numbers, Vodafone remains closely beside it with its ingenious data bundles and packages in close competition.

Wireless Broadband internet is the way to go in recent times since it does not need many technical experts moving in and around to make it possible. All one needs is to purchase and install the router properly.

MTN vs Vodafone wireless broadband: 2021 discounts, bundles, prices & specs

Since MTN and Vodafone are the leading brands in that regard, we will comparatively analyse them side-by-side to give their respective customers a fair idea of where they are headed.

Vodafone Wireless Router
Vodafone’s wireless broadband router – Smart Surf

The battle for the leading brand in internet provision will begin with their Wireless Broadband Routers: Turbonet and Smart Surf.

We will provide all the necessary information about both wireless broadband routers to allow you to make the best decision. The following table will view both products side by side.

mtn wireless broadband router
MTN Wireless Broadband Router

Price and Technical Specifications

  MTN Turbonet Vodafone Smart Surf
Launch Date May 2019 August 2021
Price GHS 499 GHS 399
Size 240 mm x 155 mm x 78 mm 150 mm x 150 mm x 56 mm
Data Speed Download up to 300 Mbps,

Upload up to 50 Mbps

Download up to 100 Mbps,

Upload up to 50 Mbps

Ports 4 x LAN ports (One for LAN/WAN)

1 x Landline phone port

1 LAN port (RJ45)

1 USB port

Display Led indicators Led indicators
Wi-Fi Speed 7.89 Mb/s Up to 300Mbps
LED Indication Power/Wi-Fi /Lan, WAN/Network Strength/Signal WiFi / Power / Transmit Status across
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, single-band 2.4GHz 802.11b/g
Simultaneous Connections Up to 32 devices Up to 32 devices

Coverage Areas

MTN Turbonet Vodafone Smart Surf
It is accessible in all areas with MTN 4G connection. Once the location has MTN 4G connection, the Turbonet will function properly Only available in Accra, Tema, and Takoradi. Even with that, not every location has broadband available.

Bundle Packages and Prices

MTN Turbonet Vodafone Smart Surf
Data Bundle (GB) Price (GHS) Validity Period Data Bundle (GB) Price (GHS) Validity Period
5.14 25 Non-Expiry 5 20 30 days
10 40 30 days
10.27 50 25 90 30 days
50 140 30 days
46.22 145 100 200 30 days
231.08 295 17 95 Non-expiry
33 145 Non-expiry
66 210 Non-expiry

*With MTN’s Turbonet, the bundles can also be purchased in a flexible form by dialling *5057#. Any bundle between GHS 5 and GHS 5000 can be purchased on the Wireless broadband router. All the bundles are non-expiry.

Other Benefits

MTN Turbonet Vodafone Smart Surf
Free 5 GB of data upon registration/activation

Extra 5 GB of bonus for the next 5 months after activation

50% Bonus for every top-up made on the Turbonet Router

Free 5 GB of data upon registration/activation


In both cases, the devices are plug-and-play, which means they work almost immediately after you have bought and plugged them in. The only downside is that both wireless broadband routers need electricity to function; in cases where there is no power supply, they have no batteries to power them.

That said, there are some DIY innovations one can consider in that area to power the devices.

The future of wireless broadband in Ghana

The demand for 4G LTE wireless broadband routers is highly competitive, especially when many require them for school, work, and entertainment.  The decision to remain relevant in the market is strategic and necessary.

We do expect both MTN and Vodafone to come up with revisions and improvements in later years for that to be possible.

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