Top 4 questions to ask before choosing a mold removal service

Mold removal service. If you’re experiencing mold in your home then you’re not the only one to face that. The report estimated that more than 70% of homes in Washington DC suffer from multiple species of molds.

Top 4 questions to ask before choosing a mold removal service

Depend on their types; mold can cause an allergic reaction to human skin. Apart from that, it will increase respiratory issues as well as damage immune conditions.

Top 4 questions to ask before choosing a mold removal service
Top 4 questions to ask before choosing a mold removal

If you’re fed up with noticing mold in your house, you need to contact a mold remediation service. However, you need to make sure that the company is appropriate for you.

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To ensure that your home stays mold-free, you need to hire a mold removal contractor who is professional and knows what they’re doping.

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 questions that you need to ask your mold removal service before you decide to hire them.

Will You Get Any Kind of Remediation Plan?

Mold is one of the toughest funguses to remove. This is why mold cannot be killed with some simple mold killer sprays.

If you want to make your house mold-free, the mold removal professionals should develop a robust remediation plan. However, the effectiveness of the plan is dependent on the type and growth of the mold.

If the mold removal professionals avoid making any remediation plan, you should think twice before hiring them.

How long they’re in the Restoration Business?

While discussing with the mold remediation contractors, don’t forget to ask them how long they’re operating their business.

It’s not a bad idea to hire a new mold removal company. However, if the company is new, there is no guarantee if the team members are experienced or not.

Additionally, you need to listen to their answers very carefully. Only then you can determine if the company will do their job seriously or they look mold remediation process as easy money.

Do they Use Air Scrubbers?

When you start the mold removal process, it may spread a lot of mold spores in the air. Airborne mold spores are extremely dangerous to human health as it’s capable of creating health issues. Hence, make sure the mold removal professionals are using air scrubbers to detect and eliminate all kinds of airborne mold spores. Apart from that, air scrubbers will also remove other hazardous particles.

Air scrubbers are the best equipment to remove airborne mold. If you notice that the mold removal professionals don’t use air scrubbers, you shouldn’t hire them.

Will They Check Every Corner of your House?

Whether the mold issues in your house is serious or not, you should inspect all the corner of your house to determine every location of molds. A disaster restoration company serving Washington DC will check every corner of your home.

This is because molds are sometimes very hard to detect. You may have areas in your house where you cannot see the mold growing. You might also fail to notice the growth of mold until they become super big.

Because of this, the mold removal contractor needs to inspect every corner of your house. This is the only way to make sure your house is free from every mold.


These are the 4 questions you need to ask a mold remediation company before you decide to hire them. Don’t ever hesitate to ask these questions as they will determine the sincerity of the company. Remember that you’re paying them for their work, do you have every right to question them about their business.

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