Latest Glo Ghana Internet Bundle Packages

Glo Ghana Internet Bundle Packages. The internet is here, and it has come to stay for the foreseeable future. Almost everyone uses the internet for one thing or another. Some people use it in running their businesses, while other people use it for their basic needs. Some also use it for entertainment by logging onto the several social media apps that we have in the world at present. The internet has become a part of the world to the extent that people cannot possibly live without it.

Glo Ghana Internet Bundle Packages

When you buy a car, you need to buy fuel before you can move it. Without power, the vehicle will be as good as useless. It is the same way with a technological device and the internet. It would help if you had a data bundle before you can use the internet on the device. All network operators in Ghana have a package of data bundles that they sell to their customers to enable them to surf the internet on their devices. We have covered some of the other networks. Today’s article is for our Glo readers who may not know about the different data bundles offered by Glo Ghana.

Glo Ghana started operating in Ghana in 2008, and the company is one of the best telecommunications companies in Ghana. Here is the line of bundles offered by Glo Ghana. The shortcode to purchase data bundles from Glo is *555#

Glo Ghana Internet Bundle Packages

Yakata Plus

glo ghana yakata plus

you can purchase the yakata plus data bundle and get ample data bundle at low prices.

Here Are The Yakata Data Packages Below

  • GHS 1- 400MB- for 2 days
  • GHS 2- 800MB- for 4 days
  • GHS 5- 2GB- for 10 days
  • GHS 10- 4GB- for 20 days
  • GHS 20- 8GB- for 40 days
  • GHS 50- 20GB- for 100 days

Here Is How To Buy Yakata Data Bundles

  1. After dialing the code for purchasing data
  2. Select option 5
  3. Select option 1
  4. Choose the data package you want
  5. Select 1 to confirm

After purchasing the data, you can also send 500MB to another person who also uses the Glo line. Just dial *127*number#

Weekly Data Bundles

The weekly data bundles last for a week after purchase.

Here are the price and data of the Glo weekly bundles, as well as the duration of the data.

A purchase code is added as well.

  • GHS 3- 350MB- for 7 days *127*1#
  • GHS 5- 700MB- for 7 days *127*2#

Daily Bundles

The daily data bundles will only last for a day after been purchased. Some of the data bundle also lasts for three days, depending on the package that the subscriber chose.

  • GHS 10- 3.75GB- 3 days
  • GHS 3- 300MB- 3 days
  • GHS 3- 750MB- 1 day
  • GHS 2- 300MB- 1 day
  • GHS 1- 100MB- 1 day

Monthly Bundles

These are data bundles that last for a month from the time that they are purchased. They are also reasonably priced if you look at the data received and the number of days one can use it.

  • GHS 25- 5.5GB- 30 days
  • GHS 20- 4.2GB- 30 days
  • GHS 15- 3GB- 30 days
  • GHS 10- 1.7GB- 30 days

Jumbo Bundle

These bundles are used by people who work with them by using the internet on their devices.

The data bundle is for people who work in companies and technology-related institutions. The jumbo bundles are pretty expensive, but the amount of data bundle received matches the price tag and the duration of its validity.

  • GHS 150- 75GB- 90 days
  • GHS 100- 40GB- 90 days
  • GHS 80- 30GB- 60 days


Glo Ghana has one of the best data bundle packages in the Ghana telecom industry, and you just saw them for yourself.

Compared to other telecommunication companies in the country, we think that Glo Ghana may probably have the best data prices. However, we cannot speak for you, our dear reader, so that you can make that comparison for yourself.

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