How To Order Food From The Bolt Food App. Need a bite to eat but you’re at the home or office? Now you can order food from your mobile app. With this guide, we’ll show you how to order food from the “Bolt Food” app which is available on iOS and the Google Playstore.

How To Order Food From The Bolt Food App

Here’s how to do it:

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Bolt Food Menu

On the main menu, you can find Bolt Food special deals, food that is available for pickup and delivery, and restaurants

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Search Function

You can use the search function on the app to search for specific food categories or restaurant names

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Select An Eatery Option

Once you find an eatery, you can browse their menu and select a specific food item.

An example is finding a Vida Cafe cafe and deciding to look at their Panini menu

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Selecting A Food Item

Once we find what we want, we just selected the food and select the quantity and add it to the basket.

Once you’re ready to order, you just select the “View Basket” to order

Making Payment

You can choose to pay either with a debit/credit card or cash on delivery.

And that’s it. Once you order, it will be delivered to your location by a dispatch rider.

And that is how you order food from the Bolt Food app! How To Order Food From The Bolt Food App

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