How To Extend Your MTN Bonus Credit For Another 7 Days With 10 Pesewas

How To Extend Your MTN Bonus Credit For Another 7 Days With 10 Pesewas. MTN Ghana gives you a 100% bonus anytime you buy airtime, either from credit transfer or mobile money.

How To Extend Your MTN Bonus For Another 7 Days

That’s such a nice thing from them, but don’t get too happy as the bonus will expire seven days after receiving that bonus to make free calls on MTN. You might be asking yourself if there is a way or how to extend your MTN airtime bonus.

What if you buy GHS 40 of airtime? that means you have seven days to use all of this GHS 40 bonus airtime.

You might find it very unfair, and it will force you to make unnecessary calls or leave it for it to expire. That will be very sad to see GHS 40 worth of airtime disappear.

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But don’t worry because I have good news for you. In this article, I will teach you how to extend your MTN bonus credit by another seven days with 10 Pesewas with a simple MTN shortcode so that you will have more days to use it.

Do this using your MTN Mobile Money.

How To Extend Your MTN Bonus For Another 7 Days

  1. Dial MTN Mobile Money short code *170#
  2. Select 3: Airtime and Bundles
  3. Select 1: Airtime (here is where MTN indicates that you will receive a 100% bonus on your top-up)
  4. Select 1: Self
  5. Enter amount: (we are extending our bonus airtime with just 10 Pesewas, so type 0.10 and press send) you can type in any amount. You can order 0.20 for 20 Pesewas of airtime
  6. Enter your mobile money pin to confirm the transaction.
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Those are all the steps on how to extend your MTN airtime bonus.

MTN Ghana will extend your bonus to another seven good days.

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