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How to Apply to Universities in Ghana

How to apply to universities in Ghana. We wish to follow the course of action with respect to educational materials on the Internet. This comes to say that we try to supply students with all the materials they need to flawlessly go through school, college, and university.

Sure, thousands of resources are all over the Web, such as comparisons about which essay writing service is the best, which colleges are top ones, how to get through university, etc. But in today’s article, we will focus on universities in Ghana and how to apply to them.

Now, Ghana’s education system is quite good and recognized in the world. Ghana has a stable economy to be proud of. The universities there offer admission to international students. But those universities are in high demand. So, one should consider carefully how to fill their application and how to show the best of their abilities.

How to Apply to Universities in Ghana

Well, the first step is, sure enough, finding out what you wish to study after high school. Then you shall need to understand what are the grades you need. If your grades don’t match the recommendations for specific courses, there may be other options, as well.

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You will need six credit passes in the WAEC exams. Those should include English Language, Mathematics, and one Science subject, with the other three being subjects which are relevant to your desired studies at the university. For instance, for Engineering, you will be required to have chemistry and physics credits.


Certificates for WAEC Results

The first and foremost thing when you apply will be the proof of your grades on the WAEC exams. You will need your WAEC Result slip to show that you have the grades that are required to participate in the desired studies. For international students grades in their respective countries are required with proof of them.

How to Apply to Universities in Ghana
How to Apply to Universities in Ghana


Sure enough, there are some fees for admission applications. Those are non-refundable, so make sure you are filing everything correctly. You should check beforehand the costs of applying and how to pay the fee. Not only you should try to rule out any errors due to the non-refundable tax, but also because that can lead to you not being accepted.

When you have finished it all up, then mail the application documents to the university according to what they have stated about the application. Make sure you’ve checked and double-checked the date for the application to avoid errors. You will need that date to know when you should send the documents so that they can arrive on time.

And Then…

When you are selected for a university you will need to fill out some admission forms. One of the requirements in them is the inclusion of passport-sized photos. Sure, the tuition fee should also be paid.

How to Apply to Universities in Ghana
How to Apply to Universities in Ghana


Usually, you shall need at least a grade of C6 on the subjects in WAEC to apply to a university in Ghana. Some places may require you to have six IGCSE passes, some of which could be English, Science, or Mathematics. There may be requirements for a specific diploma (high school one, for instance) that could be issued from your high school or as approved by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana. The NABG should have evaluated and verified your results slips to be determined as eligible.

International students will need to have translated their documents that need to be certified as copies. They will also have to have evidence that they are proficient in English, for instance, through a TOEFL certificate or another certificate.

Another Word From Us

We are trying to give you up-to-date relevant information for your higher education in Ghana. Still, we cannot check all the requirements in all universities. So, when you have made up your mind about where you wish to apply, make sure to check the website of the university and note the requirements, what documents are needed, what are the fees, and when is the deadline.

And Some Advice

Let’s start from the beginning. The first thing to do is make up your mind about what degree you wish to pursue. Ghana offers various courses from which to select, so you can pick something you are truly passionate about. And that is exactly what we recommend. One should be passionate about their area of study. This will not only allow you to graduate more easily but will also make you enjoy your job afterwards.


Next, try to browse as many universities as possible. That way you will get a broad view of what are the requirements, what are the courses that are offered, and what fees are applicable. Those details are truly important when you are considering where to apply.

Check whether they give scholarships, or if there are financial aids available.

Make sure you have good grades that make you eligible for the particular universities.

Gather all the relevant documents and check if they are all set to be sent. Get the certificates that you need and additional papers that may be asked for. Fill out the application form, check it for mistakes, and hand it in as required by the university.


Ghana is a wonderful country that has a diverse culture and history. Ghana’s universities offer higher education both to Ghana students and to students from other countries. If you are an international student, make sure to check carefully what documents you will need, other than those required for students from Ghana.

Also, see whether Ghana requires you to have a visa. People from some countries may travel to Ghana without a visa, but this is something you will need to check to avoid any problems with traveling and residing in the country.

If you are still a high-schooler who wants to study in Ghana, later on, make sure you have the necessary level of English and the certificate to prove it.

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