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Top 50 Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives & Girlfriends )

Today we take a look at some of the hottest Wags in football going into the festive period and of course the new year of 2015. The list is random so dont take the numbering as hotness meter. We tried to dig up a few sites to get this information which might or might not be accurate. But one thing is for these women are hot.

Top 50 Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives & Girlfriends)

#1. Pilar Rubio (Sergio Ramos)

#2. Sam Cooke (Chris Smalling Girlfriend)

 #3. Lena (Julian Draxler Girlfriend)

Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives & Girlfriends)
Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives & Girlfriends)

#4. Lorena Bernal (Mikael Arteta Wife)

#5. Mazda Magui (Mamadou Sakho wife)

#6. Candy Rae-Fleur (Daley Blind girlfriend)

Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives & Girlfriends)
Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives & Girlfriends)

#7. Ana Ivanovic (Bastian Schweinsteiger Wife)

#8. Misse Beqiri (Anders Lindegaard Girlfriend)

#9. Polly Pearce (Thomas Vermaelen girlfriend)

Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives & Girlfriends)
Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives & Girlfriends)

#10. Georgina Rodriguez (Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend)

Cristiano Ronaldo has been dating Irina Shayk since 2010 and she is probably the longest relationship he has since he turned professional. The relationship however came to abrupt end earlier in year as Irina shayk called of her ties with Ronaldo.

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#11. Ann Kathrin Brömmel (Mario Goetzo Gf)

#12. Edurne (David De Gea)

David De Gea is in stunning form this season with Manchester United and off the pitch he is not doing bad either. His girlfriend Eduran is a spanish pop star although 5 year older than him but they have been getting along pretty well.

#13. Melissa satta (kevin Prince Boeteng)

Malissa Satta has dated quite a few footballers in her time and recently she has been dating Ghana international Kevin Prince Boeteng. She was part of that world cup body paint campaign for Sports Illustrated a few years back.

#14. Yolanthe Cabau Sneijder (Wesley Snieder)

#15. Sara Carbonero (Iker Cassillas)


#16. Michela Quattrociocche (Alberto Aquilani)

#17. Amra Silajdzic (Eden Dzeko)

#18. Alex Gerrard (Steven Gerrard)

Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives & Girlfriends)
Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives & Girlfriends)

Steven Gerrard meet Alex through his friends and he did not wait too long before he proposed and married this hot english chick, they have been together for a while and have three kids.

#19. Lena Gercke (Sami Khadira)

#20. Abbey Clancy (Peter Crouch)

Peter Crouch has changed clubs like old under wear but once he scored off the pitch with Abbey Clancy he hang on to it, both are married now and expecting their second child.

#21. Erin o’neill (Fabio Borini)

Fabio Borini on the field performances has never gotten to next level in the premier league but off the pitch he is doing pretty great as he married an Liverpool model Erin O’neil quite recently

#22. Federica Nargi (Alessandro Matri)

#23. Aida Yespica (ex girlfriend of Mesut Ozil)

You know why Real Madrid shipped Mesut Ozil to Arsenal ? well apparently he was visiting Italy to see  Aida Yespica on every opportunity he got during match weeks. He was more interested in meeting this hottie than focusing on his game. Although in the end Yespica got herself a new man and Ozil moved to London.

#24. Georgina Dorsett (Tom Cleverly)

Manchester United fans were happy to see the back of Tom Cleverly as he is on loan at Aston Villa but with him he took a stunning beauty Georgina Dorset as well.

#25. Natalie Weber (Mario Zarate)

#26. Federica Ridolfi (Giuliano Giannichedda)

#27. Alice Goodwin (Jermain Pennet)

Alex Goodwin was an adult model who did live nude shows on adult channels and she married Jermain Pennet couple of years ago. Apperently Pennent was target of massive banter in the clubs he played for.

#28. Oksana Andersson (Christian Wilhelmsson)

#29. Ludivine Kadri Sagna (bacary sagna wife)

#30. Danielle Bux (Gary Lineker ex-wife)

#31. Sarah Brandner (Bastien Schwanstieger ex-wife)

#32. Evangelina Anderson (wife of Martin Demichelis)

#33. Jessica Sterling (David Ospina wife)

#34. Radka Rosicky (Thomas Rosicky)

#35. Alexandra ivarsdottir (Gylfi Sigurdsson Girlfriend)

#36. Lorelei Taron (Rademal Falcao Wife)

#37. Viktoria Varga (Graziano Pelle Girlfriend)

#38. CAMILLE SOLD (Morgan Schneiderlin Girlfriend)

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