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A Guide to USA University Admission Writing – For Students from Ghana

A guide to USA university admission writing. Students everywhere are trying to find better options for colleges and universities in order to get a better education. Many students from Ghana are opting for a USA degree. But in front of them is the question, “How to do that?” Well, nowadays the Internet provides us with plenty of information – best paper writing service data, info about colleges and other types of schools, information for international studies.

A Guide to USA University Admission Writing – For Students from Ghana

We want to add a bit more to that sea of info and make sure that you know a few basic things for USA college application.

Successful WASSCE

You will need to have passed the West African Senior School Certificate Examination. It confirms the graduation from the secondary level of education.


If you have A levels or International Baccalaureate, you may be considered for direct admission.

Still, not every college accepts those results and certificates, so make sure to check that out prior to applying.

English Language Requirements

The applicants to the colleges and universities need to certify that they have a sufficient enough grasp of the English language. This is usually done through the TOEFL or IELTS, although some programs may require different tests and proofs of English language level.

Visa Requirements

As a foreigner, a student from Ghana who wishes to study in the USA will require a visa. There are specific visas for students. The most common type is the F-1 which is required for accredited colleges, universities, private secondary schools, or approved English language program, as well as if the course of the specific study is over 18 hours per week. Non-academic, vocational, or training studies in institutions in the USA require M-1 visa.

In additional to the main requirements that one needs to provide to be eligible for a visa, the applicant will also bring documents that demonstrate strong ties to the home country that will compel them to return after the study; documents that will support the claim that you are able to ensure your financial stability during the study; proof of relationship to the sponsor if there is such; academic documents that show you are academically prepared.

Now, once you’ve checked the colleges and universities, you have probably seen that plenty of them also require…

Admission Essay

But how to do that? Well, we have some tips and tricks for you.

To start with, do not forget to carefully read the instructions. According to some people, the start is the hardest. But at the start you will need to pay extra attention, especially to what is required. We know that you are probably greatly exited, so we want to make sure we are covering enough important points in our article.

Make sure your introduction is compelling. The admissions officers don’t have unlimited time for each essay. They will probably pay more attention to those submissions that look compelling enough and, if yours is not, they may not be left with a good impression. Start with an eye-catcher, an interesting story, or maybe an anecdote that is connected to your character and personality.

Be sure to stay yourself. Universities want quality thinking, as well as authenticity. Don’t go for things other people have said. Rather, think in a more unique way and use your own ideas in the admission essay. After all, you are trying to impress the admissions officer with your knowledge and determination.

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Stay away from cliches. You may have already seen other similar essays that are given as examples. And they may inspire you. Yes, there is nothing wrong in that. Still, while you are writing, you should not allow yourself to be so inspired by them that you use plenty of their cliches. You know, thousands of students are applying to the same university. You will have better chances if you go for something unique that will grab the attention of the admissions officer.

Guide to USA University Admission Writing – For Students from Ghana
Guide to USA University Admission Writing – For Students from Ghana

Point out good examples for support of your ideas. The admissions essay is there to show the admissions officers how does your mind operate and what is your view of the world. If you wish to leave a good impression, then you need to select examples that support your thesis. Decide on how the question in the essay relates to the qualities you possess. Then go from there are select the proper examples. By doing so, you will be providing a better view over your mindset, knowledge, and intellect.

Stick to an organized manner. Yes, creativity may be appreciated, but the creative essays also have some organization. Incoherence should not exist in the essay. You need to write about one subject at the same moment, try to stay within the most important aspects. Decide on the main ideas, then work on them.

Have someone proofread the essay. You, as the writer, know exactly what you wanted to say, and you’ve read it dozens of times. But one can always benefit from a new set of eyes to check for typos, grammar and spelling errors, as well any incoherent sentences and ideas. That will help you catch any mistakes there are. After all, the admissions essay is your moment to shine in front of the admissions officers. You don’t want to be stopped from something like that.


There are various things a student from Ghana will need to enter into a USA college or university. Make sure to check with the embassy and the websites of the universities where you want to apply. We haven’t covered everything necessary for we wanted to pay a bit more attention to the admissions essay part of the process. And the rest of the information is to be found from the specific university where you want to study, so we focused on the more general things. Hope we helped you with the application process and we wish you good luck!

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