Get 50GB FREE data plus up to 100% bonus data when you join Surfline now!

Get 50GB FREE data plus up to 100% bonus data when you join Surfline now!  You may have already heard about Surfline’s FREE 50GB data that comes with every new device you buy. Well, we are giving you more value and another reason to join Ghana’s true

network by giving you up to 100% bonus data on your first data purchase when you join Surfline now!

Get 50GB FREE data plus up to 100% bonus data when you join Surfline now!

This means that apart from your new Surfline device which is preloaded with FREE 50GB data, you also get to enjoy a 100% data bonus on your first data purchase. Why? Because we are committed to giving you enough data to power your digital lifestyle for schoolwork, virtual team meetings, online gaming and all your streaming needs.

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We understand your need for enough data to stay connected to the rest of the world during these times and we are doing just that.

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How to get started

Walk into any of our shops or retail outlets in Accra, Tema or Takoradi to buy a device today and redeem your FREE 50GB data instantly. Find our shops here. You may also purchase your device online via and get it delivered directly to you.

To buy or not to buy

And if you are not sure about Surfline’s network coverage or signal strength in your location, our coverage checker will help you to find out before making a commitment to buy our device. Simply visit  to check our network availability in your location.  You will need your Ghana Post GPS code or Google location coordinates to do this.

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If you are still not sure or maybe have not yet experienced Surfline’s reliable internet service and would like to clear all doubts, we will give you a device to test in your location through our “Test a Device Service.” With this, you can pick up a Surfline device from any of our shops, leave a security deposit and test for 4 consecutive days with free data. Now, how’s that? If after testing the device and you are not satisfied with the experience, you just have to bring it back to us. No questions asked, no gimmicks.

Surfline offers the best internet solution for individuals, homes and offices that is why we are welcoming you with enough data so you could stay connected always without worrying about data exhaustion.

Join our growing network now for amazing offers and exceptional customer experience.

The Future is Bright; The Future is Surfline.


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