5 Easy Ways To Withdraw From MTN Mobile Money Without ID Card. Looking for how to withdraw MTN mobile money without ID card? MTN Ghana recently announced that its mobile money customers had to present an ID card to a mobile money vendor whenever they want to withdraw money.

5 Easy Ways To Withdraw From MTN Mobile Money Without ID Card

MTN decided to roll this new policy in February, but they decided to postpone it to 2nd April to address the public adequately, and now the policy is working.

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This new policy has caused discomfort with many people since some of them may have lost their ID cards used to register for the mobile money service.

Some MTN customers have even migrated to using the mobile money services offered by other telecom companies in the country. It has also affected how people regularly withdraw money from the MTN mobile money platform as a whole.

There are six valid ID cards that one can use to cash out transaction, and they are, Voter’s ID card, Passport, National identification card, Driver’s License, SSNIT ID, NHIS ID.

You might be lucky and can still be having your ID cards with you, but the question is, what if you visit a place and you need money urgently whiles not having your ID card with you at that moment?

However, people who choose to stay loyal to MTN have been looking for different ways to swerve the directive when their ID card is nowhere to be found.

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We have come to such people’s aid by listing a few ways to withdraw MTN mobile money without using a valid ID card.

The new directive was put in place by MTN Ghana due to the prevalence of fraudulent activities on their mobile money network.

Updated steps for merchants when initiation a CashOut
Updated steps for merchants when initiation a CashOut

We believe that it would be best to follow the directive to ensure that your money is safe to avoid any MoMo fraud.

This article is for people who may have lost their ID since MTN is known for disregarding such people even if their claims are legit.

Now, let us take a look at some of the ways through which you can make withdrawals from your MTN MoMo account if you do not have an ID Card.

Withdraw From ATM Machine

You can withdraw your money from your mobile money account from the ATM if it supports cardless transactions and the mobile money platform.

Only a few ATMs were known to support the feature some years ago. However, now more ATMs support the Mobile money cashless withdrawal and allow you to withdraw your money in seconds.

You will have to generate a token from your mobile account, which will be used for the withdrawal. You will also have to withdraw in GHS 10 denominations since most ATMs cannot dispense money in lower denominations.

Withdrawing cash from ATM is one of the fast and straightforward ways to cash out mobile money any time of the day.

How To Withdraw MTN Mobile Money From ATM If You Don’t Have ID Card

Visit the nearest bank that has an ATM Machine that supports Cashless withdrawal.

withdrawing money from ATM
  1. On your mobile phone, dial *170#
  2. Select Financial Service
  3. Choose Bank Service
  4. Choose 3/ ATM CashOut
  5. Type 1 to generate Token
  6. Enter your Four Digit Secret Code
  7. Enter the Amount you want to withdraw
  8. You will receive a pop-up prompt asking you to confirm the transaction with your Mobile Money PIN. After confirming, you will receive a message with your Mobile money token.
  9. Now on the ATM, select Cardless Withdrawal
  10. Select MTN Mobile Money
  11. Type in the Token Code
  12. Now enter your MoMo PIN
  13. Enter Amount to receive your money
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Send To A Friend With An ID Card

You can also send the money to a friend who has an ID card to withdraw it from the momo vendor for you.

Your friend could even give you the cash right there if he or she has the Amount on them but does not have any immediate plans for it.

They will then go and withdraw the money you have sent to their account when they need it. This is the best-recommended way at the moment.

However, the only problem with the method is that you will end paying charges since you will be charged for sending the money, and your friend will likely not cover the charges when he or she withdraws it for you unless they give you the cash right there and withdraw the money later.

Sending To The Merchant

Sending the money to the merchant is another method you can use, but this is not encouraged. It is not even known if this method is safe.

This method is not recommended because some of the MoMo agents are fraudsters themselves. Some of these even connive with fraudsters to dupe people.

However, if you know the MoMo agent and you feel like you can trust them, you can make payments to them on their phone to give you the cash.

The agent may deduct the charges from it as well when you send the money to their phone. However, we advise being careful when dealing with mobile money agents since not all are trustworthy and only do this with the ones you know (and can even beat if they try to act smart).

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Using 3rd Party Apps

You can also use third-party apps to transfer your money to either your bank account or any other place you may want. You will then be able to use the ATM of the bank to make the withdrawal. Such apps are Palmpay, Slydepay, Expresspay and many more

Send To Other Mobile Money Networks

If you feel that the new directive from MTN Ghana is hampering, the best option is to send your money from your MTN MoMo wallet to other mobile money networks like Vodafone Cash or AirtelTigo Cash.

If you still find it challenging to do this, then the best thing for you to do is move to the mobile money platform of a different net service provider. MTN is the only network requesting an ID card at the moment to combat fraud. You can move to other networks to avoid the directive.


These are ways you can get your money if you do not have an ID card. Remember to comply with the directive if you have your ID card as this will help you, help MTN curb MoMo fraud and help MTN protect and strengthen the Mobile Money platform.

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