DStv Business introduces simplified packages to suit your business needs

At DStv Business, we understand that every business has unique needs and we have made it our business to ensure that your entertainment needs are taken care of. We have tailored our DStv Business packages to suit the needs of hotels, lodges, Airbnb, pubs, clubs, restaurants, hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories and offices.

DStv Business introduces simplified packages to suit your business needs

MultiChoice Ghana operators of DStv in Ghana at a virtual launch today relaunched the DStv Business offer for commercial entities in Ghana.

The revamped offers will make it even easier to choose a package that suits your commercial needs and budget. The current DStv Business offerings namely: Accommodation, Pubs & Clubs and Office packages from 27th April 2021 not only got a name change but also had the content offering reorganised and tiered to suit the different kinds of budget.

The old DStv Accommodation package changed to DStv Stay; DStv Pubs & Clubs changed to DStv Play; while DStv Offices is now known as DStv Work.

“Whether you are in the business of helping people to relax and get away from it all or you simply want to keep your employees and patrons informed and entertained, we have created the new DStv Business packages with your clientele’s needs in mind,” Cecil Sunkwa Mill, Managing Director, MultiChoice Ghana.

Speaking during the virtual launch of the revamped DStv Business package, CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) said, “the GTA in partnership with the Ministries of Communication and Information have started the Stay Safe, Know Ghana initiative to drive local tourism and already we have seen many organisations promoting staycations within the country as the government continues to open up the country.”

He urged hospitality operators to make the guest experience a priority as more travellers look to seamless connectivity and pleasurable in-room experiences which include a good variety of satellite television channels that DStv delivers.

Also speaking during the launch was Chief Customer Officer, MultiChoice Ghana, Alex Okyere who added that the new DStv Business packages have been boosted with a great deal of local and international entertainment content across all the different packages to ensure that employees, patrons and guests of an establishment who subscribe to these packages benefit from having more choice.

  • DStv Work packages offer the latest news headlines from around the world. We have expanded the offering into two distinct categories: DStv Work Essential and DStv Work Ultra
  • DStv Play packages will keep your restaurant, bar and club patrons entertained for hours with their favourite sports content and more. This package gives you a choice between DStv Play Basic, DStv Play Essential and DStv Play Ultra
  • DStv Stay packages allow you to give each of your guests a memorable in-room experience. With this package, you can choose between DStv Stay Basic, DStv Stay Essential and DStv Stay Ultra

The President of the Ghana Hotels Association, Dr Edward Ackah-Nyamike thanked the government for the covid-19 reliefs around water, power and stimulus packages for the badly hit hospitality sector. He however added, “In spite of the good intention some of these reliefs they were not enough and called for deeper stakeholder consultation to tailor solutions for his industry.”

In conclusion, Cecil Sunkwa Mills reiterated “At DStv Business, we want to give you more choice while also ensuring that your customers keep coming back to have more memorable experiences with you. These revamped packages are just another way for us to keep giving you more options and more added value.”  To learn more visit or get in touch with our sales agents. 

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