Beijing offers Africa $40b as it denies creating debt trap

China has promised $40 billion in financing Africa economic growth this year as it defends itself from claims that its lending of money to Africa is creating a debt trap.

Beijing has said Africa should be a big stage for international co-operation rather than an arena for games between superpowers.

Speaking in Mombasa, Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi said those spreading false information about China’s supposedly trapping of poor African countries with debt are only out to destroy the country’s relations with African states.

“This is a narrative, so called debt trap created by some great nations, those who don’t want to see developments in Africa. If there is any trap, it is about poverty and underdevelopment. Those spreading the false narrative don’t want to see Africa rising,” Mr Wang said during the signing of six bilateral agreements between Kenya and China.

Bilateral support

The diplomat said China would work with other Africa-friendly countries to contribute to independent and sustainable development.

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