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Learn How to Apply for a Job on LinkedIn

Before You Get Started

Before you start job hunting, be sure that your profile is up-to-date and well-written because hiring managers will be looking at it. Your LinkedIn profile should be as carefully considered and written as your resume.

Include descriptions of your various roles with an emphasis on accomplishments and value added. Make sure you fill out your profile with recommendations and endorsements whenever possible. Here’s how to create a LinkedIn profile that will make the best impression on employers.

LinkedIn has a variety of powerful tools for finding jobs. The easiest way to start job searching is to use the job listings page which enables users to identify openings by activating many different filters including location, industry, company, job function, level of position, employer and/or keywords.

How to Search for Jobs On LinkedIn

Here’s how to get started. You will find a link to Jobs on the top navigation on LinkedIn. To search for jobs:

Click on Jobs: Add keywords related to the jobs you are interested in, such as job title, a specific company name, an industry, or a skill, and then click Search. There is also a location field, which you can fill in or leave blank.

Advanced Search Options

For more search options, click on Advanced Search. You will be able to search for job listings by:

  • Keyword, including job title, company name, or any keyword.
  • Location
  • Job Function (e.g., “consulting”; “health care provider”; etc.)
  • Industry (e.g., “civil engineering”; “online media”; etc.)

  • Salary (premium members only)

As well, you can add filters for the following information:

  • Seniority: Use a slider to indicate your seniority, from entry level to executive
  • Company Size: Use the slider, which goes from small to large

You will be able to organize the job listings that match your query by the date they were posted. When you are viewing the list of available jobs, you can click on the similar link under a job posting to see similar job listings.

In addition, LinkedIn will show if you have any connections who work at the hiring company. You can either view the connection’s LinkedIn profile or click on “message” to send them a message asking if they can help you connect with a decision maker at the organization.

More Job Search Tools

Job seekers can also find jobs posted at organizations where their LinkedIn contacts work by clicking on the logo of each employer. You will then see a list of jobs at that organization and links to any of your contacts who work there. LinkedIn also suggests a series of current job openings at various employers based on the profile information which you have supplied to the system.

In addition, if you have a company you’d like to work for you can visit the company page to view a list of open jobs listed on LinkedIn.

To find the company, select Companies from the drop-down menu next to the search box, enter the company name and click to search. Or visit the Companies page directly to search by company name, keyword, and industry.

LinkedIn shares the number of applicants who have applied to any given job. As well, premium LinkedIn members have the ability to view how their application would compare to the people who have already applied to the position.

How to Apply for Jobs On LinkedIn

When you view a job posting, you’ll see the following options:

  • Apply for the Job (apply directly through LinkedIn or on the company website)
  • Save (and apply later)
  • Share job: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Click on the company’s name to follow. When you click on a specific job listing, you will see an option to apply directly through LinkedIn for some jobs.

For others, you will be directed to the company website to apply. For those jobs where you apply directly through LinkedIn, your profile will be forwarded when you apply. There is an option to add a cover letter.

For jobs where you have to apply on the company website, follow the instructions to apply that are posted with the job. You may need to create an account on the site or apply via email.

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