Laphin Herbal Slim(Greentea) Works Fast for Flat T

  • January 14, 2022 8:29 am
  • Greater Accra


  • Category : Face & Body


Laphin Herbal Natural Green Tea is an antioxidants tea. A pack contains twenty(20) paper tea cups.

The tea leafs are inside the cup, so all you need to do is just pour your hot water into the tea cup and drink. A single cup can be reused three(3) times before being thrown away. Meaning 20cups*3times use each is 60times usage of a single pack of Laphin Tea. Laphin cup tea helps you to: *Detoxify. *Loose weight.

*Burn fat fast by getting rid of them.

*Achieve a flat tummy by slimming the abdominal area.

*Boost your immune system.

*Improve your physical performance (good especially for gym trainers and dieters).

*Reduce cardiovascular diseases.

*Reduce diabetes by preventing insulin spikes.

*Reduce high blood pressure.

*Kill bacterials and prevent risk of infection.

*Live an healthy lifestyle.

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